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Membership & Fees:

Membership of The CPC Link Consortium is competitive against the market leaders. This is made possible with the use of the e-commerce web site ( and delegate app which eradicates much of the associated administration. These cost savings have been passed on to reduce the Consortium Membership and registration fees.

Annual Membership Fee:

Annual Membership is charged at £500 per year plus VAT. Membership gives Members access to all approved courses, if additional courses are approved throughout the year, no additional fees will be incurred.

Instructor Training:

Our Instructor Training, where required is charged at £300 per day plus VAT. It may be that your Instructors already have certification in the subject matter. If this is the case we provide course familiarisation, prices for this are agreed on a case by case basis.

On-going Fees:

Our delegate registration fee, per delegate, per seven-hour course, is £14.75. This includes the DVSA uplift fee of £8.75. VAT is not chargable on the DVSA uplift fee, however, it is chargable on the balance of the delegate registration fee.

We are proud to work with the Compass Charity who specialises in mental health and wellbeing, helping young people in society. They have created our Mental Health & Wellbeing course. In return, we charge an extra £6.00 plus VAT for delegates attending this course and we give 100% of the extra charge to the charity to help further their work in this very important field.