Video Tours

Take a look for yourself

Don’t take our word for it, take a tour round our administration system and see how user friendly it is.

Already working with us? All you questions will be answered in our “How To” range of videos!

Training Provider Walk-through Videos

Fed up of people delivering false promises? Want to see how we do things?

With our “How To” range of videos you can really get a feel for how simple our administration processes are before getting involved – we are very confident that you will like what you see, especially our electronic paperwork!

Haulier / Employer Walk-through Videos

See how easy it is to view your employee’s training records including their quiz results and feedback given to your training provider!

Maybe its a drivers Driving License expiry date you need to check or a course you need to book, our “How To” range of videos will demonstrate how easy it is to remain in control of such things at the touch of a button!

Driver / Delegate Walk-through Videos

Ever wondered how well you did on a training course or wondered where you put that certificate?

Our “How To” range of videos will show you how everything is accessible via our App on your smart-phone and don’t worry if you forget your pen when attending a course, you won’t need it as everything is completed via the App!

Training Instructor Walk-through Videos

Curious about how Instructors complete course admin or gain access to course materials?

Or are you an existing Instructor and you just need a reminder as to how to do things?

Take a look at our “How To” range of videos and see how easy it is!

Associate Member Walk-through Videos

If you would like to market your services to our Members, check out our “How To” range of videos to find out more!

Drivers, employers and training providers, use our web-based system daily and you can target the specific audience that your service or product relates to.